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The Ministry of Transportation approved Driver’s Education Course consists of a minimum of 20 hours of classroom time, 10 hours of home-link(workbook) and a minimum of 10 hours of in-vehicle instruction.

Regular attendance is essential for both classroom and in-vehicle training. Failure to attend any of the classes will result in a delay in completing this course. Classes must be attended in consecutive order. (MTO Regulations) We reserve the right to dismiss any student from this course, in the event of failure to attend classes and/or where a student causes a distraction or disturbance in the class, with no refund. There will also be no refund, if the course has been 25% or more completed. There will be a minimum class size of 10 students.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be certified on-line: The Drive Test Centre will have access to this information for road test purposes. Furthermore, should it be required, a Driver’s Licence History is obtainable from Service Ontario, for a fee, for possible insurance discount purposes.

If you wish to enroll in one of the Parker Right Driving Academy courses, please print this pdf form, and send (or leave in mailbox at the office) with a $300.00, non-refundable deposit made payable to Parker Right Driving Academy(chq) or send e-transfer to Also, register online at, so the paperwork can be started. The balance due will be collected on or before the first day of class. In-class may be taken no more than 8 weeks prior to 16th birthday

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 519-983-8466 (Cara Parker), I will be happy to speak with you.

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Thank you for your understanding!


21 Brock Street East, Unit 2, Tillsonburg, On., N4G 1Z4
COST $707.08 + HST = $799.00
***COURSE FEE (includes 10 hours in-car, max 2 hours per session) ***

T72 Weekends (Sat/Sun)

9am-2:45pm (4 days)
Feb. 4,5 & 11,12, 2023


T73 March Break (M/T/W/T)

10am-3:45pm (4 days)
Mar. 13,14,15 & 16, 2023

T74 Evenings (Tues/Thurs)

5pm-7:45pm (8 evenings)
Mar. 28,30, Apr. 4,6,11,13,18 & 20, 2023

T75 Weekends (Sat/Sun)

10am-3:45pm (4 days)
April 29,30 & May 6, 7, 2023

T76 Evenings (Tues/Thurs)

5pm-7:45pm (8 evenings)
May 30, Jun. 1,6,8,13,15,20 & 22, 2023

T77 July Weekdays (M/T/W/T)

10am-3:45pm (4 days)
July 10,11,12 & 13, 2023

Students need to bring writing materials and Driver’s Handbook to classes. Fast Tracking driving hours MAY be available to be completed within 31 days (IF experience requirements are met AND instructor has available time) an additional $150 + HST =$169.50 applies. Car use rental is also POSSIBLE, if time is available and must be determined and scheduled by the instructor. (The fee includes 1 hour practice pretest, and car use for the road test ($154.87 + HST = $175.00) Please fill in the form below:


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    Put “N/A” if not applicable

    (eg T66)